Highly engineered against corrosion

100,000+ hour lifetime

High quality LED boards from manufacturers such as CREE, Samsung, Osram & LUMILEDS

Manufactured with LM6 compliant aluminium alloy and a 16 stage coating process

All Unilamp exterior fittings are IP-rated

Sold and proven in the NZ environment for 13 years

5 year warranty

Explore some of Unilamp’s extensive product portfolio through the links below:

Wall Up/Down
Surface Downlight
Recess Downlight
Wall Recessed
General Wall Light
Wall Mount
Inground Uplights
Pole Top Lights
Area Lights
Washer/Flood Lights

Comprehensive product range

Most Unilamp products are part of a family with recessed, surface, wall, ceiling or floor versions

All luminaires are available in black, graphite, dark grey, aluminium silver, smooth silver or white


Surface Wall/Ceiling

Retina Range

  • 2 different sizes (mini & maxi) with 3 optional alternative appearances
  • 900 to 1800lm packages available with 2700K – 4000K versions available
  • IP65 and IK09 suitable for public installation
  • LED version available with a built in microwave sensor and high/low light function
  • Download datasheets here or see Drift for a square equivalent



Sonic Range

  • 3 different sizes – mini, medium & mega, with gear and outrigger arms optional
  • Outputs ranging from 1,000cd to 7,500cd
  • LED, halogen, compact-fluorescent or metal-halide versions available
  • Micro-lens optics for IESNA Types 2, 3, 4 and 5 distributions
  • Suitable for illuminating building facades, art-features and other exterior features
  • Download datasheet here


Versions for multiple applications

Tube Range

  • Versions suitable for wall-mounted, ceiling recessed, suspension, pole-mounting & bollards
  • 4 size categories – mini, medium, maxi & mega with lumen packages from 1,000 – 6,600lm
  • IP65 rating standard
  • Many different optical configurations and extras
  • Download datasheet here


Surface wall

Zouk Range

  • Available in 2 shapes and sizes
  • 950lm or 970lm, with 3000 + 4000K options
  • Low profile with no visible screws
  • CRI >80
  • Download datasheet: Zouk1 (smaller) / Zouk2 (larger)


Recessed floor / suspended ceiling / surface wall


  • Versatile fitting which can be used as a wall-washer, recessed in-ground fitting (IP68) or even suspended
  • Lumen range available of 1,750 – 3,720lm and colour temperatures of 3000 or 4000K
  • Asymmetric option available, as well as 3 other beam angles
  • Low temperature glass – safe for human touch
  • Download datasheet wall-washer / ground recessed / suspended


Recessed ground

Graviton Range

  • Available as circle or square
  • Multiple lumen packages, ranging from 2,350-6,600lm and colour temperatures from 3,000 – 4,300K
  • 3 different distribution angles – narrow, medium, wide
  • Wattage options ranging from 25 – 100W
  • Download datasheet: circle / square

Elegant bollards and pole mounted luminaires

Unilamp also manufacture elegant families of bollards and pole mounted fittings

All luminaires are available in black, graphite, dark grey, aluminium silver, smooth silver or white


Pole-mounted Area

Coming soon...

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Download datasheet here



Coming soon

  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Download datasheet here


Bollard / Wall-mounted / Pillar-top version

Macron Range

  • Available as a bollard, wall-mounted or for pillar top. Also comes in 2 styles – flat or round.
  • Multiple outputs available ranging from 1,500 – 6,000lm
  • Clear polycarbonate cover with glare-suppressing louvres
  • Custom sizes or a concrete anchor unit available
  • Download datasheet here

Unilamp – global exterior lighting specialists

Sold in New Zealand since 2003, Unilamp are a global Thai company that produce durable exterior products.    

Founded in 1993, for 23 years Unilamp have specialised in exterior lighting and have mastered sustainable, intuitive luminaire development.

The New Zealand atmosphere contains significant salt levels and is highly corrosive, which is why you commonly find outdoor lights rusted out and faulty.  However, Unilamp fittings have been proven to last in the NZ environment for 13 years due to rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process.  One notable installation is Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter.  Despite the extremely harsh environment and being pre-LM6, the fittings are still in prime condition 8 years later.

 All fittings undergo thorough testing of IP, impact, humidity, salt-spray, wind and electromagnetic compatibility, amongst others.

All new Unilamp luminaires are built from LM6 marine grade aluminium with a copper content of <0.1%.  All other factors are also accounted for down to the screws, which are stainless steel with a special coating.