The Altimo is a new-age compact industrial LED high-bay.

Achieve 65+% energy savings over traditional metal-halide fittings and a >50,000hr life, all with a simple single point installation.

Achieve 65+% savings over a typical metal-halide – the Altimo comes standard with 130 lumens per watt!

There is even a 150lm/W version available and to maximise savings, LED’s solid-state technology is better-suited to controls. The additional switchings and partial outputs from an integrated control system no longer decrease lamp life.

Such an intense output from a compact fitting demands excellent optical control.

The Altimo utilises street optic technology with a lens over each individual LED chip that limits the glare angles and a creates a comfortable working environment.

For maximum comfort, there is a prismatic diffuser available.

With a >50,000 hour LED life and an aluminium body, we can safely offer a 5 year warranty.

Not only is the Altimo rated for 50,000+ hours, LED technology doesn’t have significant colour-shift issues like metal-halide, and the lumen depreciation curve is flatter.

High spec, highest value

High performing energy-efficiency

65+% energy savings over a metal-halide hi-bay – 130lm/W!

Attractive compact design

Excellent glare control with a lens on each LED chip

Beam angles available as 50°, 90° or 120°

Operating range between -30°C and + 50°C

CCT 4000K with CRI83 – superior temperature stability and uniformity

5 year warranty (>50,000hour lifespan)

The standard Altimo range

Description Code Lumens W lm/W Datasheet
Altimo 90° 4000K AP120/90  15,600  120  130
Altimo 90° 4000K AP150/90 19,500 150 130
Altimo 90° 4000K AP200/90 26,000 200 130
Altimo Prismatic Diffuser APPD      
Altimo 50° Lens APL50